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Sensual Massage in Barcelona

Sensual massage in Barcelona

So, you have always dreamed about some kind of exotic and sensual massage. Right now you have a  great possibility to make all your dreams come true. We will be happy to help you in this  process. But of course you are to pay some money. We can guarantee you that it its deserver. And our regular visitors are a real proof of it.

If we speak about medicine for the sick and prevention for healthy, the elixir of youth for women and a source of energy for men, a nice way to relax and to have a great opportunity to cheer, in conclusion we are to say that it is about massage.

Please see the masseuses page or contact us for details about availability and location.

Erotic Massage Relax
The program that managed to become the standard of Erotic Massage. Half an hour of erotic relaxation. Get the key to the door to the world of happiness! Lingam termination

Price: 60 minutes 90€, 30 minutes 55€

Erotic Massage Gold
Erotic and Classic relaxation that begins with an erotic shower, lingam massage, continues with a sensual and tremendously exciting body to body and ends with a relaxation. Termination to choose.

Price: 80 minutes 180€

Erotic Massage Perverso
In Erotic Massage not everything is soft. Domina is sexy but disciplined lady, who will whip you if don't attend her orders. Admit it, you don't want to escape from this theater!
Termination lingam.

Price: 60 minutes 130€

Spicy games Strapon Barcelona

Erotic massage with Strap-on includes foreplay, lubrication, careful preparation and stimulation of the penis. Everything will happen in an environment of sensual pleasure. The masseuse is a delicate and affectionate girl, fully exposed and will allow you to caress her in response, the harness is placed to give the full range of pleasure and guarantees a majestic orgasm. Erotic massage with Strapon-on is a new masculine format. You choose the grade and size of the toy. Let the secret fantasies come true!

Price: 60 minutes 130€

Juegos de Erotic Massage
A complete fantasy program to stimulate the imagination. Stockings, shoes, underwear, innocent costumes... Our teachers will be happy to put any actuation you choose. Your mission will be to provide pleasure and enjoy the game. Termination to choose.

Price: 60 minutes 150€

Erotic Massage Luxury
Why bury the gold on the ground when miracles are so close? Two dolls and 90 minutes are enogh for playig with them. Peep show and lesbian show (participation is advised). Classic and erotic relaxation, everything to lose your head!
A bottle of Champagne is on us. Termination to choose.

Price: 90 minutes 300€

Dulce Eva
Exquisite combination of classic and erotic massage, the program of naughty fingers with lingam ending.

Price: 60 minutes 110€, 30 minutes 75€

Fuente de Placer
More than half of our clients choose this massage. Sensual movement, body to body...
You will get a real pleasure and finally you will fall in love!

Price: 60 minutes 110€, 45 minutes 85€

Couple Masaje
Massage for couples is an exciting way to update the relationship. The lovely masseuse will give you a massage that will take you to a sweet ending. Once the massage is over, the masseuse retires stealthily leaving the couple in their intimate play. Surprise your partner with this exciting proposal!
Lingam termination.

Price: 60 minutes 180€

Masaje Erotic Massage Woman
Have you ever heard that girls don't like erotic massage? Our teachers are also experts in giving the best pleasure for you. Half an hour of classic massage and half an hour of special massage. It's sweet, soft and very sensual.
You will definitely enjoy them!

Price: 60 minutes 110€

Four Hands Massage

This is not an ordinary massage, it is the paradise between four walls, where two masseuses as if they were imperial concubines slide through your body going crazy with sensual touches and movements of flexible, elastic and beautiful bodies. Two beautiful girls work masterfully in each sense of your body, exposing your boldest desires and your erotic fantasies. Termination to choose.

Price: 60 minutes 150€